API Limits

Semantria comes with default values and limits for most features. The user can change many limits on their end-- check the Basic Mode and Discovery Mode Quick References for those-- but other limits must be changed upon request. This section details Semantria API's default limits, additional features, and license expiration.


Transactions are the number of documents (tweets, articles, etc) you send to the API for analysis. Examples:

  • 100 articles = 100 transactions
  • 300 tweets = 300 transactions

Different accounts have different transaction limits. To view your number of available transactions, go to the Dashboard.



The limits listed below are for the Starter edition. Each configuration has default limits on analysis settings that can be modified by request. To make changes to any limits, do not hesitate to email us.


Character limits

Any character limits listed below refer to single byte characters.

Number of configurations per account


Names of blacklists, configurations, categories, SBPs, entities

50 characters

Number of blacklisted items


Number of categories


Number of samples per category


Number of entities


Number of queries


Query text character count

1500 characters

NEAR count per query


NEAR operator distance


Number of sentiment-bearing phrases


Document ID character count

36 characters

Max document size

2048 characters

Max incoming/outgoing batch size (Detailed Mode)

100 documents / batch

Max analysis size (Discovery Mode)

1000 documents / analysis

Data calls (calls which POST data to Semantria)

10 calls/second

Settings Calls (calls which alter your configuration settings)

10 calls/second

Polling Calls (calls GET'ing processed data)

10 calls/second