Version 2.22

Released: 2022-01-10


Numeric Metadata Over Time Widget

Numeric Metadata can now be graphed independently of processed data. This allows for dashboards to show both analytic results as well as metadata informational graphs side by side.

"Show Documents" option for Dependency Wheel widget

If the dependency wheel was set to Entities x Entities, or Phrases x Phrases, clicking on the rim shows the ability to "Show documents". However, if the two analytic item types differ, no such option existed.

Version 2.22 adds the ability to "Show documents" for all permutations of analytic items. For each, the documents are filtered by the analytic item upon which the user has clicked. This means that if one is showing 10 Entities x Phrases, and the user clicks on an Entity on the rim, the user would see all documents that contain that entity and at least 1 of the 10 Phrases connected to that entity in the graph. This is equivalent to combining the documents for each of the non-rim items for that Entity without any duplication.

Search options

Users can now specify if they want to search within both the name and definition (query) of an item or specifically the name or query.

Sort options

Added the ability to sort analytic items by name or by last modified date.

Use default industry packs or language configurations in analysis

When creating a new analysis, users now have the ability to use the default configurations for a language or any of the industry packs.
Industry Packs are denoted with "IP" and language packs with "LT". User created configurations are marked with "CF".

Note on Example vs Template
The Example version of a language will have a small number of analytic items (queries, entities, etc.) built in to the configuration.
The Template version will be empty except for the inbuilt sentiment dictionary for that language.

Import and Export Configurations

This functionality from SWEB ( has now been moved into SSV. Users can now download a backup of their configuration and import this backup as needed.


  • When adding a sentiment phrase with a 0 score you will now see the message "WARNING: phrases with sentiment value 0 will never hit"
  • Default boost value for concept topics is now 1.0
  • You can no longer delete a group if: there are users in the group that are in no other groups AND/OR There are projects in the group AND/OR There are configurations or configuration routes in the group
  • If the "Return mentions of entities, queries and themes?" option is turned off for a configuration, the Test button for Entities and Queries is now disabled. A message will appear letting users know that testing not possible because mentions are turned off
  • Added configuration version to configuration details page
  • Improved auto-logout on inactivity


  • Clicking "Edit Configuration" when editing an analytic item in the document view now opens the configuration manager in SSV rather than the old online configuration manager
  • Reworked the document balance information to clearly show the storage and analysis balance for accounts
  • Improved uniformity of Alert and Confirm dialogs
  • Resolved issue were dates were showing as time since a date in the place of actual dates
  • Users now will see an error message when trying to create a configuration with the same name as an existing configuration