User Management Basics

Types of Users

There are three types of users in Semantria Storage & Visualization

  1. Admins
  2. Write users
  3. Read-only users

Semantria admins

Semantria admins can:

  • Create and own projects
  • Delete any project
  • Add any user in the Semantria account to any project
  • Remove any user from any project


Note on user removal

If a Semantria admin removes the owner from a project, the admin becomes the new owner of the project.


Who is the admin?

Semantria admins are listed in the users screen for all projects in an account.

Write users

Write users can:

  • Create and own a project
  • Delete projects for which they are the owner
  • Add any user in a Semantria account to any project they own
  • Remove any non-admin user from any project they own

Read-only users

Read-only users can:

  • Only see the existence of projects to which they have been invited
  • See all of the collections, analysis groups, and dashboards for any project to which they have been invited
  • Cannot create projects
  • Cannot delete projects
  • Cannot add users to projects or remove users from projects
  • Can edit dashboards without saving the changes


Why can read-only users edit dashboards?

Semantria Storage & Visualization is a dynamic platform. Therefore, read-only users need to be able to explore dashboard output in order to develop meaningful insights.