Introduction to Semantria Storage & Visualization

Introduction to Semantria Storage & Visualization

Semantria Storage & Visualization

Semantria Storage & Visualization is a web-based business intelligence platform that adds tools for data storage, document management, and data visualization to your Lexalytics Intelligence Platform solution.


The Lexalytics Intelligence Platform

Semantria Storage & Visualization is a layer of the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform. The other layers are

  • Salience, an on-premise NLP solution
  • Semantria API, a cloud-based NLP solution

Store and manage text documents

Upload text data sets in JSON or .csv format. Create, sort and filter document collections by name, creation date, document count, and more. Organize related data sources into projects and set user-roles for entities in your team. Easily search for terms within a collection of data to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Data sources

From JSON to .csv, Semantria Storage & Visualization is built to handle diverse data sources.

Analyze with natural language processing

Transform unstructured text into structured data with Semantria Storage & Visualization's feature-rich natural language processing. Lexalytics automatically extracts a range of data points:

  • topics
  • categories
  • themes
  • named entities
  • summaries
  • intentions

The resulting output enables users to understand what people are talking about, how they feel, and why they feel that way.


Sentiment granularity

Whether it's a news article or a Tweet, Lexalytics assigns sentiment scores at the document, topic, and entity levels.

Run analyses with existing configurations, plug in any of Lexalytics' pre-built industry packs, or use the intuitive web-based configuration workbench to tune for your industry’s unique words and phrases.

Analyzing text data is as straightforward as pushing a buttonAnalyzing text data is as straightforward as pushing a button

Analyzing text data is as straightforward as pushing a button

Build dashboards and make reports

Dashboards give users insight into trends and patterns within text data. Dashboards are intuitive and fully customizable. Users can populate dashboards with graphs, searchable document lists, and notes.

Dashboards present a range of functionality; users can drill into output and discover conversation drivers and filter graphs by sentiment, metadata, and more. Many data sources (e.g. product reviews by location) may be displayed in one dashboard, allowing for easy comparison.


User management

Semantria Storage & Visualization comes with user management out of the box. Creating users with write or read permission is straightforward. This safeguards data privacy and dashboard integrity.

Semantria Storage & Visualization is a complete business intelligence tool for enterprise data analysts. Semantria Storage & Visualization improves collaboration, leads to better-informed decisions, and helps users tell powerful stories.