1. Number of queries in the configuration
  2. The search options and text field
  3. The create a query button (+) and the sort options for the query list
  4. The query list (the dark banner indicates what query is selected)
  5. The query definition for the selected query
  6. The test feature for queries

Search / Filter

The search bar can be used to search for text in the query name, query definition or both.
Name will search for the text in a query name.
Query will search for the text in the query definition itself.
Both will search for the text in the name and the definition.


Users can choose to sort their queries by name (A-Z) or by last modified (most recently modified at the top).

Hidden Queries

Hidden queries are new to Semantria. Previously, queries were always returned if they hit on content processed with the configuration. Now users have the option to disable this and mark a query as hidden.

By marking a query as hidden the query will not be returned in the output. This can be useful in cases where users want to nest a query but do not necessarily want to see the nested query as its own separate query. In the above example we can see that Food_Dessert is hidden, but used in Food as a nested query.


Hidden Queries are denoted with

There is a switch for every query to turn off or on the hidden attribute.

Hidden queries can be part of a Taxonomy, however you will never see the hidden query in any widgets or the document viewer. Thus, a document could hit on a taxonomy node but have no way to show what element caused it to be in that taxonomy node. We advise caution when using hidden queries in taxonomy nodes.

Create / Edit

To create a new query click on the plus icon. This will create a blank query in the list and there you can name the query and start adding to its definition.

See the Query Topics page for information about the different operators that can be used within queries.


Queries can be tested within the configuration editor by clicking on the Test button at the top right of the definition panel.

New Test Doc adds a new blank text field where text can be entered to test against the query.
Clicking Run Test sends the documents for processing against the configuration, specifically looking for the query that is currently active in the editor. Note that running tests does cost credits.
If a document hits on the query then the hit will be highlighted.