Machine translation

Use cases

Semantria offers the ability to machine translate text. Although native language processing is usually superior, you may have NLP customizations for only some languages and translating to those may give better results than untuned results in native language processing. Additionally, you may have content in languages Semantria does not support.


Perhaps you are using one of Semantria's Industry Pack templates which have dozens of pre-defined industry-specific topics such as the Hotels pack. Processing French language content in the default French template will not give you those topics as outputs. Translating from French to English and using the Hotels pack may give better results that native French.

Account specifics

Machine translation is an account level feature that is a purchasable add-on.

How to enable machine translation

Machine translation must be used in conjunction with a configuration route. When setting up a configuration route, you can specify whether you want machine translation on, and to which language you want content translated. If you have configurations specified in the route for languages other than the target language, Semantria will use those configurations for processing and not machine translate. If you do not specify a language code when submitting to the route, Semantria will run language detection, check if a configuration is defined for the detected language, and if not, will translate to the target language set for the route.

Error states

You cannot set the target language of a route to a language for which:

  • you do not have a configuration defined
  • you do not have access to your Semantria account
  • Semantria does not offer support