Industry packs and language templates

Semantria supports languages as configurations. The default language in Semantria is English - if you send in content without a configuration or template being specified, we will assume the content is in English.

Industry Packs are sets of industry-specific NLP tuning. Sentiment phrases, entities, queries, and intentions specific to that industry are included in an Industry Pack. Using an industry pack for the appropriate content will increase the accuracy of Semantria by more the ten percentage points. If your subscription entitles you, you can create a new configuration based off a pack.

Each pack, whether language or industry, is represented as a template. You can see the available packs via the /templates.json endpoint. An example of using the templates endpoint is here:

To create a new configuration based on a pack via the API, you clone from the template, by passing in the template ID of the pack you wish to use to the /configurations.json endpoint. Alternatively, you can specify the pack you wish to base your configuration on in the SWEB creation wizard. You can watch a video on how to create an industry-pack-based configuration in our SWEB video series

Once a configuration is created, you will see entities and queries that are specific to the industry. For instance, in the Airlines pack, you will see the names of major airlines, airports, industry alliances, loyalty programs, and jet models in the entities section. Since at this point it is just another configuration, you can modify them as you see fit. Note that when Lexalytics updates an industry pack, the version of the template will change, but the changes will not flow down to any configurations you created with the previous version.

Although sentiment is tuned for the industry, you will not see any phrases listed in the phrase section of the configuration. The number of phrases added or removed is quite large for each pack and listing multiple thousands of phrases would not be feasible.

Intentions are tuned for each pack, but the intentions are not user-modifiable and thus the modifications are not listed for intentions.

The current list of languages supported is here: