Release notes for Semantria version 6.7

Semantria 6.7 Release Notes

Layered Configs

  • Parent configuration settings can be used when creating a layered configuration.
  • Added searching for configuration items in layered configurations.

General Updates

  • Allowed import of configurations into industry pack or language template.
  • Added the ability to split clause models into two options: Sentiment Models and EIE Models.
  • Added Executive View permission.
    • Executive View is a read-only permission that triggers front-end UX modifications (hiding tabs, collections,
      analysis groups, etc.)
  • Allow users to update an existing configuration with export JSON from the request body.
  • Added a command to show analytic items of a configuration.
  • Added a search parameter to configuration item requests that will only search the supplied item type.
  • Added Language Templates and Industry Packs to configuration routes.
  • Outgoing email to users will now use the InMoment Exchange Server.