Using a callback URL (also called web hook) is our recommended choice for retrieving data from Semantria API. Semantria delivers processed data to your callback URL automatically. The callback URL is set per config, so you can route different configs to different handlers. The URL must end in .json.



  • Almost real time analysis
  • Most convenient and transparent data retrieval
  • Delivers processed data automatically as soon as it is ready
  • Consistent batch size and sequence of documents
  • Accessible outside a client's company


  • Requires an open port in the firewall in order to provide a callback URL for data delivery although we have stable IP addresses that can be white-listed. Please contact [email protected] for a list of public IP addresses for Semantria.
  • Callback URL must be open (Semantria doesn't support authentication for callback URLs)

Use Cases

  • Users with a URL available for data delivery
  • Those who want fast, automatic data retrieval while preserving batch structure


In the callback URL mechanism, Semantria sends a POST callback request and waits for a 200 response. If the remote application responds otherwise, Semantria considers it a failure and will try again. After three failures, Semantria will drop the processed data.