Current Release 6.11

Release notes for Semantria version 6.11

Major Change

Date and Time Consistency

  • All datetimes are now represented as strings with this format: YYYY-DD-MMTHH:MM:SS.fffZ
    • For example, 2022-05-04T17:39:50.742Z
  • The names of attributes for datetimes in several JSON objects have changed as follows:
    • updated changed to modification_date
    • created changed to creation_date
  • The values of the old attributes were some variation on the standard YYYY-DD-MMTHH:MM:SS.fffZ representation
  • For document results, the attribute creation_date was a string representing the number of seconds since 1970-01-01
    • It is now a string in the standard datetime format
  • Affects the following endpoints:
    • /configs/
    • /industry-packs/
    • /language-template/
    • /models/
    • /configs/{id}/taxonomy/
  • The Semantria Java SDKhas been changed to reflect these name changes
    • The instance variable lastUpdated has been changed to modificationDate in the classes AbstractConfigurationItem, Configuration, and IndustryPack.
    • The type of the instance variable creationDate has been changed from String to ZonedDateTime
    • A new version of the Java SDK will be published on github and Maven Central. Older versions of the SDK will continue to work, but the lastUpdated instance variable will be null