New languages

  • Added Dutch language for selected subscribers. Disabled for all existing customers.

New Features

  • Added "entities_threshold" option on Configuration level for managing of entities reporting threshold based on engine’s confidence.
  • Introduced the new /features end-point that exposes the supported features per the languages offered by Semantria. The API automatically allows / denies the setting of certain limits on the configuration level according to the supported features.
  • Introduced a new approach for limiting the frequency of allowed API calls. Currently we limit data calls only by the balance. Configuration and polling API calls are limited by the transport API calls limit. In the new version we limit the number of data API calls per second and divide the transport API calls limit by the polling and settings limits. This keeps configuration API calls from interfering with data API calls.
  • Introduced "normalized" and "stemmed" forms for themes output in Detailed and Discovery analysis modes.
  • Added user entities output in Discovery analysis mode. The output is limited by the new "user_entities_limit" and "user_mentions_limit".


  • Fixed bug with inappropriately long caching of configuration permissions on API side.
  • Fixed bug where usage of double quotes with @mentions and #hashtags resulted in invalid queries.