New Features

  • Introduced Intentions feature. Switched off by default and will be available only for API Advanced users.
  • Added “Categories threshold” option to configuration. The option defines the minimum score of user categories to be reported in the output.
  • Introduced user-level permissions on API side. Now an account administrator can create new users and give users different permissions for API usage.


  • Fixed bug with negative balance. A user with 0 balance was not able to use the API but the counter went negative.
  • Fixed bug with non-removable queries prefixed with a space in the title.
  • Fixed bug with nested queries when Semantria didn’t report them if more than 10 queries joined into a root one.
  • Fixed bug with @mentions and #hashtags in queries. Composite tokens were not handled properly.
  • Fixed bug with wrong language after configuration cloning through “template” field.
  • Fixed bug with auto-categories output on non-English languages. Auto-categories are only supported in English so no output should be present for non-English languages