• Completely new infrastructure that brings performance to the new level and doesn’t depend on frequent configuration switching.
  • New billing approach that offers feature-driven packages instead of balance-driven packages of API 2.x.
  • Parts of speech tagging of whole text, which is a low-level analysis output.
  • Relationships detection between the entities. Feature is available for named and user entities.
  • Language detection feature. Semantria doesn’t analyze text on detected language but rather just responds with the detected language name.
  • Sentiment-bearing phrases detection. Now Semantria is capable of suggesting to the user which phrases from initial text may effect sentiment results.
  • Statistics API end-point, which offers complete statistical information of API usage per configuration and as a whole.
  • Added sentiment polarity along with the sentiment score. API responds with the verbal sentiment representation.
  • Reworked configuration API. The “update” approach rejected in favor of separate API calls.
  • GZip and Deflate HTTP compression for outgoing data.
  • Added possibility of responding with the original text along with the analysis result.
  • Fixed many known and reported bugs.
  • Reworked all API SDK’s according to best practices related to the language they are written for. Note:SDKs designed for API 2.x will still use the API 2.0 infrastructure. To use API 3.0's new infrastructure, client-side endpoints must update to SDKs designed for API 3.x.